ATTACK: NEED FOR HELP: Attack SLX 20 components

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      ATTACK: NEED FOR HELP: Attack SLX 20 components

      Sehr geehrte Freunde,

      as (unfortunately) I cannot speak German (I can understand but cannot speak), I'm gonna continue in English. Hope you don't mind. Anyway, as far as I know, every German can speak English fluently. :)

      I just joined the group.
      I am intended to purchase a wood gasifying boiler Attack SLX 20 kW.
      There are two models available: the 'Profi' and the 'LambdaTouch'. (…rgaserkesseln/attack-slx/)

      Basically, the boilers are identical. However, the 'LambdaTouch' offers some flashy Hi-Tech options like internet connection, etc. which I don't really need.
      On the other hand, it is equipped with automatic heat exchanger cleaning module (which is basically a small linear drive attached to the manual lever of the 'Profi' version as it can be seen here: ) and an automatic inlet air control module based on a Lambda sensor (which can be seen here, compared with the manual control option of the 'Profi' version: )

      As a refrigeration engineer and a skillful DIY-guy, it is my intention to make the entire heating system control electronics myself.
      For this reason, I am not intended to spend extra 1600 EUR for a touchscreen controller I am not going to need but - as I wrote above - it is my intention to equip the simpler 'Profi' version with the Lambda sensor and the two servo drives (the linear one for cleaning the heat exchanger tubes and the ones for controlling the inlet air openings).

      As I assume there must be quite a few of members who own the LambdaTouch version of this boiler, I would like to ask you to inform me about the exact type (Brand, model No.) of these components, e.g. the Lambda sensor, the linear drive and the air inlet servos so I could upgrade the 'Profi' version with the option to automatically clean the heat exchanger and to control the air inlets.

      Obviously, I can reinvent the wheel but I don't think there is need to do so. (This is why I am writing this post now.)

      So, Herzlichen Dank für everyone, who decides to help me with this.

      All the best,

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      Wenn du die Profikesselsteuerung selber erweitern willst empfiehlt es sich den Lambdacheck Link
      zu verbauen.

      Grundsätzlich empfehle ich aber den SLX Lambda zu kaufen .
      Hier sind alle Komponenten schon verbaut und du könntest die Platine und Touchpanel später weiterverkaufen .